Psalms Day 1-4 Standing before the giant...

Today we join David as he stands facing Goliath with nothing but pebbles in his hands and hope in the Lord.

Read 1 Samuel 17:41-58.  As you read, see if you can identify a statement or two to underline that highlight the root of David’s strength to stand and face this beast.

It’s one of the most iconic stories of the Bible. We know what happens. We know who wins. It’s awesome.  But it’s not just a story to read and act out for Sunday school children... It’s for you and I when we face the unimaginable and greatest battles of our lives. 

David’s situation was hopeless.  Everyone doubted and scoffed at his faith.  I bet his knees were knocking as he gripped that homemade sling and felt the pebble bag tap his thigh.  It didn’t look good.  But reread verse 47.

Hope and strength.

He loaded up the only weapon he had and let that pebble fly.  The Lord did the rest.  The battle was over, and shouts arose from the children of the most high God.  The beheading part is really more than I want to imagine, but it’s part of the destruction of the enemy!  They WILL face their end.  No one messes with God’s chosen.  

Now read Psalm 9.  This Psalm is understood to be written in 1063 BC by David following this experience.  The boy warrior spills his heart in song to the One who gave him victory.

Enjoy every word from young David’s heart.  And let his battle cry ring in your ears today...

“The battle is the Lord’s!”

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