Psalms Day 1-2 Who’s this David?

Who is this David called “a man after God’s own heart?”  How did he emerge on the scene? Why did God chose him?  Good questions!  

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-23. I know it’s a little long, but it’s necessary for understanding David’s history. We’re all a product of our environment, and David was too. 

As you read, it helps to know that Saul was the king of God’s people, and he had rejected God’s Word. God therefore rejected him as king and sent Samuel (a prophet aka: messenger of God) to let Saul know it was over. We pick up in chapter 16 and meet David. 

Today, we really want to get a picture of who David was. Think through these details and how they must have shaped David into the man he was:

-his occupation

-his place in the birth order and age

-his father’s opinion of him

-his talents

-his placement in Saul’s kingdom 

Talk about a life interrupted for David!  I bet he had some real uncertainties about his calling and future!  

Reread 1 Samuel 16:13. THIS is the key to who David was to the core!  We as believers in Christ Jesus have also experienced this moment the day that we yielded our lives to him.  Think you’re nothing compared to this man named David???  You and I ARE David!  We are chosen, called and anointed with the very presence of God.  Our journey has only begun!

** If you have never experienced this encounter with Jesus, you’re living separate from God.  I URGE you to ask someone you know is a Christian or send me a message, and we can talk!  He has so much in store for you once you allow Him into your life!!!  

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