Psalms Day 8-4 Final Words of the Man After God’s Own Heart

Here’s a big question to open with... what would you say to your child or your dearest loved one on your death bed?  What would be your final words?  

Me, I would passionately urge them to seek the Lord no matter what the world throws at them and would warn them of the dangers of straying from Him. I would pray for them to understand the grace of Jesus in their own lives so that they would purely demonstrate it to others. And I would tell them that God will NEVER fail them. Keep the course. Fix their eyes. Trust and obey.  And don’t open credit cards in college just to get a free T-shirt!  True story, girls.  Not good!

So, what does David say???

Read 1 Kings 1:28-2:9. 

David’s son now sits across from him as the new king. How does David instruct him through his final utterances?   Underline these instructions in your Bible.  They are for us as well as adopted children into Christ’s family.  

Reflect on how well you have or have not followed these commands.  I’m personally stuck at the “be strong” part.  I know - I didn’t get very far at all.  Thank Jesus that HE is our strength, shield, and guide!

Despite what David verbally said to his son that day, David’s life spoke so much more of what he believed.  What would you summarize David’s life statement to be?

What would people say that yours is?  What will your children, family, and descendants remember of you once you are gone?  What would they say was your passion and purpose?

This makes me pause. I often forget my first love. I stumble at temptation. I fail to follow all of the Lord’s commands. And yet He shows Himself as faithful to me as He did to David.  Same God.  Same human struggles.  Same grace.  What is man that you are mindful of him, O Lord?!

Finish by reading Psalm 19.  David penned it at this time.  I imagine him praying it over his son.  Beautiful.  

Tomorrow, we say good-bye to David.  It’s bittersweet but the reality of our time on earth. I look forward to celebrating his legacy with you.

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