Psalms Day 8-3 The Power of God’s Plan

Do you ever feel like you’ve had a week where simply nothing else could wrong?!  That was our last week!  New tires for a truck, new tires for a trailer, 2 broken lawn mowers, a broken dryer, a broken pool, surgery for a dog, and the tummy bug!  It was all delightful!  Now, I realize most of those things are incredible blessings to even have, so to complain about their brokenness is ridiculous!  But sometimes, you just want to say out loud, “enough!”  I bet if we were in David’s “rest home” tent, we’d overhear him exclaim this very statement today!

Read 1 Kings 1:1-27. 

Which son of David is now attempting to take the throne?  How is he doing this?

Reread verse 5. What does it say about who chose him as the next king?  It doesn’t look good for him!

Enter Nathan and Bathsheba to inform David and remind him of his promise to crown Solomon as the next king.  I’d like to believe this was because they believed him to be God’s chosen, but I’m feeling like it’s a lot of selfishness.  Either way, God will deliver His ultimate plan! 

Sacn through Matthew 1.  If you’re like me, you skip this section, but it’s HUGE!  Focus in on verses 6&7.  Who were David and Solomon?

God’s plan of salvation for ALL men will prevail!  How incredible that we have been able to see this unfold through the crazy, messed up life of David.  Praise the Lord that He uses us despite our imperfections to fulfill His kingdom plans!  

If you think for one second that you cannot be used by the Lord to reach people, you are believing the lies of satan.  I know.  I fight these lies everyday.  But God’s Word is full of people just like me and you who try, fail, and are still loved by the Lord and chosen to carry out His kingdom plans!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

Read Psalm 8 to wrap up today.  David wrote many Psalms on his death bed.  This is one you may recognize parts of.  Let us praise God with all we are as His children rather than sulk in what we believe we are not.  (That statement was specifically for me!  Lol!)  He simply loves us so much!!!!  

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