Psalms Day 8-2 All for Good

I think one of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible is Romans 8:28.  Take a second to look it up if you don’t remember what it says. People love to use it to encourage others that things will be good in tough situations. The “it’s all good” bandwagon is tempting to hop on, but what about when things are NOT good?  They can really stink sometimes, to be honest. The promise in this verse is that God WILL take the tough, horrible things and use them FOR good.  These last days of David’s life certainly testify to this.

2 Samuel 23 overviews some last comments of David and describe the mighty men who stood with David as defenders of his kingdom. It’s quite the list of “guys you wouldn’t want to mess with.”  God gave David an incredible group men to stand beside him.

Todays focus is actually chapter 24.  Read through verses 1-25 of this chapter. 

What does David decide to do despite warnings from his leaders and specific instructions in the book of Exodus?  Why do you think he did it anyway?

Why was the Lord angry with Israel?  What did the children of Israel seem to constantly do?

1 Chronicles 21:1 describes this incident as satan’s temptation of David. Biblical scholars help explain that God allowed satan to tempt David to take the census in order to fulfill His ultimate plan of disciplining and “sifting” the rebellious Israelites before Solomon took the throne.  It’s hard for us to understand in our human limitations, but God saw the hearts of these men and knew He must correct His children by removing the toxic existence of rebellion from among them.  I’m certain that each of the 70,000 who lost his life was among the category of disobedient Israelites who refused to acknowledge God’s commands.

How did this plaque end?  Who pleaded on behalf of the people?  

Time and again I can look back into my life and see the powerful hand of God shaping all things for good. Whether it’s my personal sin, that of another, or simply the struggle of life here in a broken world, He is always working to transform the brokenness into His good.  It doesn’t mean it’s all good... but it is all working for His good in my life and in His kingdom.

Let’s end on a personal note:  When have you seen God work something difficult for your good and for His greater plan?  Who did God surround you with to help you stand and see truth?  How did God work it for good? How can you use this as an opportunity to share about God’s love and grace to those who may be in a similar circumstance?  

Every trial, success, failure, blessing, loss,... nothing is lost in the arms of our Savior Jesus.  I pray we don’t miss the miracle of the everyday as our Father transforms us into His messengers!  

For David - it’s his last words, last sinful tragedy, last pouring out in repentance,... how about one last dose of drama in the kingdom before David is laid to rest?  That’s tomorrow.  See you then!

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