Psalms Day 8-1 Shepherd’s Haven

I recently read a comedian’s take on nursing home names. His town had a new one called “Symphony Square”, and he found that quite ironic since there was no symphony and the home wasn’t built on a square!  It’s funny when you think about some of their names... Restful Haven, Eden’s Meadows, Heavenly Hills. Someone younger must have name them to make the future seem less scary and the reality for their loved ones less depressing!  He suggested that we should name them for what they really are - Last Stop Lane, Memory Loss Manor, Lonely Place Living, Kids Dumped Me Here Home.  Sad but much more accurate!  Today, we’ll see that David has finally entered his very own season of rest.

Read 2 Samuel 22:1-51.

It’s over. The running has ended.  No more fighting for David.  Who does David give all credit to for the defeat of all of his enemies?

Circle at least 5 names for God or descriptions of Him that David used that are also very accurate for your current season of life. 

What changes between verse 25 and 26?  Why do you think David changes how he is speaking?

Flip over to Psalm 18.  What do you notice?  This is the only Psalm like this!

Finish by naming a rest home for David that you think he would feel is appropriate for his current season of life.  I know it’s kind of like a junior high assignment, but it’s fun!  I think I’d go with Shepherd’s Haven!

During this final week of study, we’re walking through David’s “lasts”.  It must have been a bittersweet moment for David to taste true rest.  He had never known it before.  Rest is hard to get used to when you haven’t practiced it, and David had been living a life of turmoil requiring daily dependence on the Lord for survival.  We’re going to see how he transitions and what God gave him to do before closing his eyes one final time.  Sweet David proves to be a mess until the very end... I can relate!!!  See you tomorrow!


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