Psalms Day 7-5 Finishing What Was Started

One of the “heroes” that I was referring to yesterday recently passed away. He was a giant of the faith in the lives of both me and my husband. He wasn’t rich or famous. He was a simple, hard working man who was passionate about baseball, Jesus and people.  I always saw him as somewhat perfect... Perfectly passionate about the Lord, his family, his ministry, and others.  It wasn’t until I faced some personal struggles that he revealed to us that he had been perfectly broken in his life many years before.  I realized then that everything we saw in him was really the perfection of what Jesus did in his life to restore what the enemy had tried to destroy.  He wasn’t a perfect man.  His faith wasn’t perfect.  His family wasn’t perfect.  And he allowed others to be imperfect because of all of the grace he had received.  At the end of his life, he faced cancer.  I know he had to be weary.  But the day we saw him, just two weeks before his passing, he was praising the Lord for a fall that had put him in the hospital that weekend because he was able to share Jesus with 5 people he had never met before.  Wow.  Talk about finishing strong.  That was lengthy, I know.  But that man exemplified strength and grace and is the closet one I know to a modern day David.

Today we begin the end of David’s life by reading 2 Samuel 20-21.  Stick with me.  These endings are beautiful. 

Who was the last to conspire against David?  How did he meet his end?

Who were the ones who paid the final price for peace with the Gibeonites?  The Lord avenges all wrong doing in the end.

Who did David and his men face in the very last battle of David’s lifetime?  This is a full circle reminder of God’s strength and faithfulness.  He has a perfect plan and finishes what He starts in us.

These are the beginnings of the end for David.  I look forward to celebrate all of God’s work in his life and our own lives next week as we say goodbye to him.  Until then, let’s continue to live each day in the fullness of all that God has given us!

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