Psalms Day 7-4 Strength and Grace

Is there someone in your life who you would consider a “hero”?  I’m not talking about a fictitious character who saved thousands with their superhuman powers - although Wonder Woman is pretty spectacular!  I mean a real life person who has had a tremendous impact on your life and faith?  I have several honestly.  The common thread that winds through each of them is their raw humanity, real struggle through adversity, and an underlying tone of strength and grace on which they stand.  To me, that is the perfect picture of the work of Christ and the power of His strength and grace. 

Read or scan over 2 Samuel chapters 18 and 19.

How did Absalom’s life end?  Tragic and sad for sure.

What was David’s response to the loss of Absalom?  Why did Joab rebuke him for this?

Despite great pain, sorrow, and loss, what did David rise to do as the anointed leader of God’s people?

What was David’s response to the conspirators as he retook his throne?

Why do you think David was able to respond this way to them?  Consider all that David had walked through in his past.  Who’s strength and grace did he personally know?

We as believers in Christ Jesus have been forgiven and freed from the wage of sin.  We have personally received a pardon for our guilt. How could we not extend this to those around us as an example of what Jesus has done for us?

Easier said than done, right?!  But God has a way of humbling us in order to use us for His kingdom work.  Whether that lesson take a moment or a lifetime, we can be sure that our anointing has a purpose beyond what we could ever dream.  I’m thankful for David’s walk of faith and for how God continues to use it as encouragement to me 3000 years later.  

Finish today by reading Psalm 2.  Who is the anointed King taking possession of His throne in this Psalm?  David knew to whom all strength, grace and glory was due!

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