Psalms Day 7-2 The Lifter of our Head

I had a thought the other day that may seem a bit silly to those of you who realized it long ago... everyone (including myself) WILL let me down at some point.  Now before you think that I am a negative person, I want to explain.  This is actually a statement of freedom for me!  I can quit having expectations of perfection from myself and others!  There’s only ONE who will never fail me, and His name is Jesus!  I think David is learning this as well!

Read 2 Samuel 15:1-37. 

Who has ultimately betrayed David?  Did you see this coming?  

Why do you think this caused David to run into the wilderness in fear rather than stand and fight?

Have you ever felt this kind of hurt?  What was your response?

Let’s read Psalm 3.  David wrote this as he ran into the wilderness from his own child and the conspiracy that had risen against him. 

Who does David know will never betray him?  Highlight or underline all of the names and descriptors that David uses for God. 

What are some of the names for God that are significant to you?

We can not control the actions of others. And, although they can cause deep wounds and real consequences for us, we just cannot allow people to destroy our faith.  People make a terrible god.  They’re sinful, struggling humans just like us.  Thankfully we serve the one true God who hears us, answers us and never betrays us.  He is our perfect Shield and our Defender.  

Why does He lift our heads?  Not to give us pride or confidence in ourselves, but rather to help us see Him and all that He is doing to sustain us.  When will fix our eyes on Him and His truth, we know that He is working ALL for our good and His glory.  All glory to Him!

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