Psalms Day 6-3 “You are the Man!”

Do you remember a time as a teen or kid when you had been caught red-handed (whatever that phrase means?!?), and you knew some discipline was coming?  I remember one of my boys vividly sitting in his room wailing after being caught in wrong-doing as he awaited the conversation and penalty he was about to face.    Those moments are excruciating... often worse than the discipline itself!  But they are necessary for the process of repentance of the child, and also a good cooling-off period for human fathers!!!  Today we see how God Himself took action as a loving Father following David’s sinful behavior.  Part 2!

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-15. 

Verse 1.  Who did God send?  Who was this?  Why do you think God had Nathan share this story with David rather than dive right into the accusation of wrong-doing?

Imagine David’s response when Nathan declared, “You are the man!”  His heart was tender and ready to hear this conviction.  

What were the blessings that God had Nathan list for David?  Then God drops the bomb of all statements... Is this not enough for you, David? 


 Who has God sent as a messenger to you?

What are the blessings God has abundantly poured out upon you?  

Honestly, have you communicated to God through your thoughts, words or actions that it’s not enough??? 

I feel like I could write for a week about how I have been at this moment... When God has declared to me,  “Look at all of this.  All of these blessings.  I saved you.  I anointed you.  I poured out gifts.  Is this not enough for you?  Why do you not trust and obey me?”  A rotten, rebellious child.  

God shares His love and justice through Nathan in the following verses.  The fallout isn’t going to be pretty.  God isn’t in the business of cover-up.  He is righteous.  Wrong will be made right. For David, there was an abundance of earthly consequences on the horizon.  That’s reality.  That’s the “nevertheless” part stated in verse 14.

But here’s the part 2 we’ve been waiting for... Go back to verse 13.  What is David’s response?  And what eternal gift does God pour out on him following this?

Hallelujah!  God in His great mercy has put away our sin!  We will not face eternal death.  His holy wrath has been satisfied!!!  Jesus Christ, God’s only and perfect son, willingly paid the full price for our sin as the Spotless Lamb of sacrifice.  Are you beginning to see deeper parallels to this story?  All praise and glory to Him!

Lets finish by reading the absolutely incredible pouring out of David’s repentant heart in Psalm 51.  I am so grateful for David’s raw honesty here.  It is refreshing and relatable.  

This is a picture of real relationship as God designed it.  He loves us deeply as His children.  He knows we’re imperfect, and He made a way for our reconciliation with Him.  We can share our deepest pain and struggle with Him without fear - no matter what happened or when or where.  He’s ready and waiting to forgive and restore!  

I’ve just got to declare HALLELUAH again! 

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  • Thank you Father for your never ending wisdom and mercy and plan for each of us. Thank you, Anne, for leading us through His word in such a way that leads us to deeper, true contemplation of Him. Exactly what I need to do.


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