Psalms Day 6-2 When One Thing Leads to Another

Have you ever experienced a time when everything seems to be going so right then BAM... disaster?!  I think most of us can answer YES!  If you and I were honest, the “struggle” we face may be less about the brokenness of the world and more about the brokenness within each of us. We would be misled to play the victim throughout life and miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of our true depravity and the depth of Christ’s grace and restoration.  I know that’s a heavy intro, but today is a heavy story.

Today is part one. The depth of human depravity.  And the challenge for both of us is to read this section as our story... not David’s. That changes everything.  A quick summary of 2 Samuel 10 is more enemies, more battles, more victories and praise for David.

Now, read 2 Samuel 11:1-27.

Where was David supposed to be?  Where was he?  Why?

Maybe he was tired. Maybe he was overly confident.  Maybe he just didn’t want to go this time. A disastrous decision.  David let his guard down.

•Sin sneaks up on us just when we feel comfortable.

Trace these series of events from David’s first accidental encounter with temptation all the way to his mediatative murder of an honorable man.  Do you think that was David’s original intention?

•Sin takes us farther than we intend to go.

Who was impacted by David’s choices?  Think from the home front to the front lines.  

•Sin is never an isolated act.

When did David seem to have “fixed” what he deemed to be the problem in his situation?  Was this really over?

•Sin doesn’t let go.

Girls, satan is a liar.  He promises fulfillment and leaves us with devastation.  This is the part nobody tells you about when you’re staring into the dark and hearing it call your name.  Sin isn’t over when it’s over.  We may believe that we’ve bottled up the action before it was too late and tucked it away on a shelf, but the toxin was released and won’t completely clear the air until the day we meet Jesus face to face.  We must consider the full weight of our thoughts and actions.  

Reread verse 27.  Although the sin is over, the fallout has just begun.  God sees and knows is is not pleased.  As His chosen and dearly loved children, He will not overlook disastrous behavior in our lives.  

Its time to parallel our lives to David’s story.  Where are you at in this chain of events?

Some of us may believe that our sin is so heinous that we will never be forgiven and we’ll never see restoration.  A lie.  Some of us believe that ours is so subtle that it doesn’t matter or effect anyone.  Another lie.

We must be honest and call our struggles what they are... sin.  Once we do, there’s a part 2!!!  Thank Jesus that this is not the end of the story!

•Sin has been defeated!!!

The most freeing moment I have ever experienced in my life was to stop pretending and trying to fix my mess and admit my depravity.  The grace of God came rushing in through the arms of Jesus to refresh my soul and begin restoring my life.  Thank you Jesus for part 2!!!!  

If you need to visit, please send me an email, and we can meet or talk on the phone.  There is hope and an end to the struggle no matter how far it has gone!  Jesus himself declared “it is finished” as He gave himself up for you and me... right at the moment when we sat in the pit of our sin.  

Can’t wait to read part 2 together tomorrow!  


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