Psalms Day 5-5 A Wild Ride

There’s a roller coaster at an amusement park near us that is almost too terrifying to ride. You shoot out forward twisting, turning, looping and and dropping at a blazing speed.  Just when you think you’ve had enough, the coaster launches up a nearly vertical incline and stops.  The break is welcome yet full of anxiety as you hear ticks of some sort.  And, as you probably guessed,  you plunge backwards down the drop and do it all reverse.  Whew!  That pause... 

Read 2 Samuel 8:1-18 and the corresponding Psalm 20.  

How are things going now for David?

What do the people think of him?

How does David rule over the people of God?

What are David’s sons doing?

All seems to have come to the ultimate climax in David’s life following decades of twists, turns and nauseating loops.  David is bursting with thanksgiving and praise for the Lord.  

When have you also experienced a season of joyous “victory” where everything just seems to be going great?  

What sort of attitude do these seasons tend to produce in most of us?

The unfortunate and honest answer for me is apathy and self-reliance. And that is a bad combination. It proves to be for a David as well.  Remember that pause before things really got going on that roller coaster?  Yes ma’am.  Get ready.

We’re also going to press pause on our study for 2 weeks.  I pray you’ll spend some time on your own in the Psalms. I think that some of the insight we’ve gained about David will impact how we connect with his heart poured out through those pages. 

See you on July 23rd for the final 3 weeks of our study on the life of David and the Psalms.  It’s about to get wild!  

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