Psalms Day 5-3 A Celebration Like No Other

The timing of today’s study is on the biggest celebration of national pride in America... the 4th of July!  We celebrate our nation and our freedom with fireworks, festivals and hot dogs!  And David is having a celebration as well.

Start in Psalm 68. The City of David has been established. David’s relentless enemies have been defeated. Time to take the throne.  David’s heart is flowing through his words of praise to God for His mighty power! 

Now read 2 Samuel 6:1-23.

Quite the celebration... with some real surprises.

What was David’s first priority as king?

Why do you think God responded to Uzzah’s actions in the way He did? 

How did David’s beloved wife Michal respond to his overflowing celebration of joy before the Lord?  How did God respond to her?

This celebration of remembrance by David and his men must be accompanied by a Holy reverence for God.  This was not a “hot dog” kind of party. God is perfect, righteous and sovereign and is not to be taken lightly. 

Only God knows the heart state of Uzzah, but something was amiss.  Perhaps he was serving out of duty, pride, or even shared the same bitter heart state as Michal.  Michal’s heart state was certainly no secret.  Neither were going to be allowed to share in the fellowship of the house of David or the lineage of Jesus.

This same God works His power in us.  He is the same righteous One who sees our hearts and knows the depth of our depravity.  And He is the same merciful One who embraces us in mercy when we humble ourselves, repent and trust Christ alone for our salvation. 

Lord, may we celebrate you with all that is within us... for your deliverance, blessings, and joy!  And may we do this with pure hearts!  



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