Psalms Day 5-1 Turning Back

You know how you kids have summer reading assignments from time to time??? Today is yours! We’re going to read through a major turning point for David as he enters the next season of his life.  

Read 1 Samuel chapters 29-31.  

How do we see the hand of God move in David’s life to redirect him?  

The Lord disciplines those he loves... this is evident in David’s life and in our own.  Identify when you have experienced the land of God in your life to redirect you.  How does this demonstrate God’s love?

Can you find the verse that idicates when David turned back to the Lord?  

How does David lead his people following this?

What is the reality for those who refuse to turn to God?  

Death can come in many forms. So can new life. This is certainly a tale of two different choices. We should not doubt the holiness of God and His sovereignty. He is merciful and full of grace, and He is righteous and cannot tolerate sin in His presence. 

Was David perfect? Absolutely not. David knew the Lord, and he still chose sin.  But David also turned back in repentance, and he was restored.  

Lord, cause us to hear your call and respond with humble repentance. You are not finished with us!

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