Psalms Day 4-5 Going Farther Than you Meant to Go

Well, here we are. Samuel is dead. Saul is at his desperate end.  And David is living among his enemy in order to save his own skin... discouraged and running in his own strength.  It’s not looking good, and things don’t get much better quite yet.

Read 1 Samuel 28:1-25.

What is David about to be forced to do because of his choice to associate with the enemy of God’s people?

What has Saul resorted to because of his rejection of God and his people?

And what’s the ultimate price Saul is about to pay for his choices?

The lesson in this for me is that I may think I have things under control as I compromise in subtle ways... but subtle choices are sin, and sin takes no prisoners.  Satan is in this to steal, kill and destroy us as God’s chosen people.   

How crazy that the land of the Philistenes was so close to the land of Israel.  David was so close yet so far from God’s presence.  And that’s how compromise works.  Just a little leads to a lot more than we ever intended to be a part of.  

No Psalms flow from David’s heart.  His heart is in a knotted mess.  I get it.  I would venture to say that when I feel far from the Lord, I am.  But he’s not the one that moved.  

Spend a few minutes in prayer asking your Heavenly Father to show you where you have wandered.  He’ll be faithful to reveal little things along the way that drew you from your path and left you sitting in the camp of the enemy surrounded, afraid, and ready to comply just to survive.

I wish I could tell you that a David took a stand and walked out, but God used another way to redirect His steps.  He is faithful to protect us even when we don’t have a clue we’re in real danger.  His ways are so much higher than our ways, and He is working!  

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