Psalms Day 4-4 What You Say in Your Heart

We’re going to get right to the passage today because it’s an important one in the life of David and in our own lives... the questioning of the heart and loss of faith. 

Read 1 Samuel 27:1-12.  Its not a long passage, but it changes a lot for David.

Where did David choose to go live for over a year?  Who were these people and did they serve God?

How did David end up there?  Where did the decision start?

Who all did this loss of faith affect?

What other sins did David’s loss of faith lead to?

How does sin work in the life of a believer to destroy the mission that God has established for them?  

Does sin like this mean we cannot be redeemed and restored to be used again?


David whispers to his heart that he’s done.  He gives up and makes a choice that affects hundreds of men AND their families.  This stint of acssociating and dwelling with the enemy most likely affected generations to come for these families. It lead to stealing, murder, and lies from David.  Tragic.  All because of a crack of doubt in his heart and his straying from the hand of the Lord.  

This CAN’T be David!!!  God’s chosen future king of His people!!!  But it is.  And it’s you and me.  Read this quote from Charles Spurgeon...

“Always be afraid of being afraid. Failing faith means failing strength. Do not regard despondency as merely a loss of joy, view it as draining away your spiritual life. Struggle against it, for it often happens that when faith ebbs sin comes to the flood. He who does not comfortably trust God will soon seek after comfort somewhere else."

Sister, don’t take your doubt lightly. Dig into God’s truth. Say it out loud to fellow sister in the Lord and walk together through this season. Cling to God’s Word for truth. 

What Psalms did David write during this year and four months?  None. This says more than anything. 

O Lord, help us hold tightly to you and not stray.  Remind us in our loss of faith that YOU are truth.  Help us guard our hearts and minds from the cunning attacks of the enemy.

Does God abandon David too?  Not for a second!  He’s working it all for His good and perfect plan.  See you tomorrow!

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