Psalms Day 4-3 A Stealer of Joy

Mosquitos. The summer’s stealer of joy!  Down here in the south, you have a choice to wear nasty bug spray or get eaten alive.  They’re relentless and seem to find the tiniest patch of skin gone untreated. That’s Saul.  He just won’t seem to go away!

Read 1 Samuel 26:1-25.

Recall the promise Saul had made to David after the cave incident.  What has stirred Saul to come after David again?  That’s right.  Nada.

Compare and contrast the integrity of Saul to the integrity of David.

Who or what is your “Saul” in your life?  How do you respond?  I just don’t know how David does it?!

You may not have someone seeking to take your life, but I’m betting there’s a person or issue that continues to press you. Why do you think God allows this?  

Bottom line for me... When life is easy, I tend to carry on in my own strength and do my own thing. When life is more trying, I depend on the Lord to be my strength.  David turns to his Father every single time.  I’m learning. 

Spend a few minutes in prayer handing this “enemy” over to the Lord once and for all. This is not your battle.

No Psalm today but read the first verse of chapter 27.  Just the first one!  Oh, David.  Don’t give up!!!

See you tomorrow in the land of the Philistene’s.

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