Psalms Day 3-5 Being Used as the Extended Hands of God

I’m going to start by being transparent today with you.  One of my biggest struggles is the selfishness of wanting a wide stretching ministry of impact for God’s kingdom. I know it stems from simple pride even through its my heart’s deep desire to see people know the Lord.  In that, I can easily miss the small callings of one-on-one ministry to the very ones who are my true calling... all in my efforts to make what I think is a big difference in the world.  Such inaccurate thinking. This passage today speaks volumes to me about the impact of quiet personal ministry. 

Read 1 Samuel 23:15-29 and then Psalm 54.

Who ministered to David, and what difference do you think this made on David’s life?

Who do you know that God has given to you for loving and personal ministry?  Why do you think He has chosen you for this?  (Because He HAS chosen you!!) 

What evidence in this passage demonstrates God’s ever-perfect timing in our lives?

What evidence have you witnessed of this in your own life?

Never discount the quiet act of being chosen as the extended hands of the Lord to someone in your life. Jonathan simply visited David and reminded Him of God’s strong hand. He stood beside David as his friend.  We’ll never know the deep impact this had on David’s fragile heart, but God saw fit or us to witness this exchange as a key event for David. And David went on to write words that now strengthen us in the Lord.  

A little challenge for you and I over the next couple of days... wait and identify the quiet calling, respond in obedience, and watch the Lord work in your heart and the heart of that special someone!  What a privilege!!! 

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