Psalms Day 3-4 One Moment at a Time

Did you have a Magic 8 Ball when you were little?  We actually just sold one in a garage sale that my youngest son had talked me into buying on the toy aisle of our local grocery store years ago. You know.. one of those “okay, okay, you can get it” moments that you later regret!  You’ll see why I’m bringing this up as you read today!

Let’s get started by reading 1 Samuel 23:1-14.

This small section is so rich with life lessons.  Here are a few things that I have drawn from it:

A threshing floor is a place where the grain was separated for use by people or animals. Why would David feel a call to go defend it and these people when he was facing a greater enemy?

What was David’s response each time he asked God for direction and received it?

What was Saul’s only focus in his life as the current king?  Did he have any concern for his people at all?

How did the very people that David fought for, handle the threat of Saul coming after David?

Wow.  David was a many of integrity and selflessness - completely focused on his calling as the future leader of God’s people!  I brought up the 8 Ball idea because so many times, we treat God like this or as a magic vending machine when we need answers... Like a teen who only comes to Dad when he needs money.  That’s a sad kind of relationship.  David constantly sought the Lord in real relationship with Him; therefore, God guided him daily through every step of his life. There’s a huge difference.  Although I have never audibly heard God say “do this”, I DO experience his guidance everyday when I am committed to seeking His presence through prayer and His word.  Now, do I immediately obey despite my fear or uncertainly?  That’s a whole other lesson!

Saul, on the other hand, had abandoned his calling and was only focused on his selfish mission.  No question why God was removing him from the throne and from leadership of his children.

Finally, people are not our rock.  Only God is fully steadfast.  The very ones who David risked his life to defend, quickly offered him up to protect themselves.  That had to sting!  We just cannot find our security or life in any person.  There is only One who withstands all time as the Immovable Source of our peace and life.  All others can and will let us down at some point because we as humans are sinful and all in need of a Savior.

Finish by reading Psalm 31.  David is deeply troubled and full of fear.  He pleads with the Lord and calls out for help.  But wow, that last verse... 

O Lord, may our lives be an offering of praise to you and an encouragement to others no matter what we face!!!  

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