Psalms Day 3-3 The enemy and my God.

As an old {like past - not age!!} math teacher, I love patterns!  They’re fascinating and fun.  I know, I know.  Nerd-alert!  But today we’re going to use them to help us dig through some writings of David. 

Make 2 columns titled:

     The Enemy                         My God

There are 6 Psalms credited to David during this period from the death of the priests.  Read at least a couple: Psalms 17, 35, 52, 64, 109, and 140.

Under each column, start by identifying a characteristic of the enemy that David describes at the beginning of a Psalm and then find a corresponding characteristic of God that he ends with in that Psalm. 

For example: Psalm 52

The enemy is deceitful. My God is trusted.

I challenge you to do as many as you can. It’s awesome to see our God defeat the enemy every time!!!  David knows it and records it for us.

The real challenge is this... apply this to how we live.  We have a choice of how we will respond to the attack of the enemy.  Let’s chose to respond with praise of our mighty God every time!!!  He is worthy of all praise!!!

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