Psalms Day 3-1 A Plea for Mercy

There’s a place in the Hill Country of Texas called the Natural Bridge Caverns.  Billboards extend for hundreds of miles calling tourists to climb down into this incredible work of the Lord’s creativity. If you’ve ever been here or visited a cave in another place, you know what an amazing, beautiful, damp, and dark (and creepy!!) place a cave can be!  

Keep this image in your mind and read 1 Samuel 22:1-5.

Does this passage say how long David hid in the cave before anyone came to his side? 

Who was it that finally joined David in the cave?

Talk about a band of misfits all crammed into an awkward place.  Not exactly your well equipped army of trained bodyguards.  And then there was David’s mom and dad.  It must have been so encouraging for David to see them walk through the opening and be able to embrace them!

Who are those people for you?  The ones who God has given you to stand by your side and cheer you on?  May we not overlook the work of God in our lives through them!

Finally, read Psalm 142.  

David is struggling. He’s scared, alone, and questioning how he’s going to make it.  The thing I love is that David cries out in his pain and then returns to the truth of hope in the Lord.  I pray that this will become our pattern as well. 

Can you picture David writing the line “no one cares for my soul” as he begs the Lord for mercy, and then his parents call his name from the entrance?!  A glorious moment!  God hears our cries!!! 

Maybe you feel that you’re sitting alone in a dark, scary place right now.  Call out to your Rescuer in honest communication and anticipate Him to minister to you in a way you just couldn’t have even predicted!  He is so good!

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