Psalms Day 2-3 When the enemy is surrounding you...

Little David (still considered to be an adolescent or young adult at this time) is battling for his life on all sides.  Saul has proven to be David’s real enemy working in ways far beyond what the Philistines ever attempted. I’m thinking David has got to be getting tired of this... but it’s only the beginning for him.

Read 1 Samuel 19:11-24.

You’ve got to love Michal!  She’s brave and bold and is fighting for her true love’s life!  I love her spirit.  

A couple of questions:

Have you ever felt surrounded on all sides by an enemy who is waiting to destroy you?  Maybe it’s cancer, abuse, addiction, fear or regret.  There’s never a better time to get honest with your Savior than in this moment.

Secondly, do you truly believe that God is fighting on your behalf?  Stop and look for signs that He is right there!!!  

We don’t necessarily get to pick the struggles we face or the timing of them or how others respond to them.  We DO get to choose how we respond and if we allow the Lord to work in our hearts to rescue us and change us.  

Finish by reading Psalm 59.  This is David’s desperate cry to be saved in the midst of his fear.  My favorite is the first word of verse 16, “BUT...”

Yep, life is hard. We’re human. We’re broken people living among broken people. 


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