Psalms Day 2-4 Letting Go

For just a moment, recall to your mind the memory of a time when you felt crushed under the weight of disappointment or loss in your life. I know it hurts, but let the weight of the loss fill your chest with the same kind of heaviness that you felt back then. Grieving a loss is enough to do many of us in whether it’s the death of a person, a relationship or even a dream.  David was no stranger to this kind of pain.

Read 1 Samuel 20:1-42.  There is no recorded Psalm to accompany this passage according to most historians.  Part of me believes this is because David just didn’t have the words.

What parts of David’s life came to an end in this chapter?  What had David done up to this point that led to this?

And so we come to the greatest human question that we’ve all whispered (or even screamed) at some point in our lives... “Why?”

Why did he leave?  Why did the illness come back?  Why didn’t they want me?  Why me?  Fair questions that may or may not be answered this side of meeting our Heavenly Father face to face someday.  David asked, too.

Now reread verse 41.  David was broken.  He fell to the ground and wept.  Life was crashing down.  All seemed lost... but then we come to the next verse.  David rose from the ground and went.  

The Lord had prepared him for something new.  No hurt had been a waste.  No loss had gone ignored.  The Lord was making a way for David and strengthening him for what lay ahead.  King David would soon emerge, not as a young boy fresh from the pasture, but rather as a man strengthened and fixed on the heart of his Savior.  We’ve read just 2 of the 80+ Psalms that are credited to David.  There’s so much life ahead for him as he steps through the door of the pain and embraces the calling of His Healer and Guide.  

I’ve been there staring the pain in the face more interested in asking why than in moving on.  I get it.  But you and I must not let the opportunity to be used by the King pass us by because of our past sin or life’s hurts.  Let’s deeply mourn the loss, friend, then rise and take the hand of Jesus as He leads us to the beginning of a new calling.  There’s so much ahead to be accomplished for His kingdom!  

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  • I am so filled with love in this study/guide/prayers. Thank you


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