Psalms Day 2-2 Saul’s inner struggle spills out

Never let it be said that the Bible is boring!  David is caught between friendship, love and in-laws!  One man’s struggle with the evil in his heart is about to break this family wide open. 

Read 1 Samuel 19:1-10.

This passage contains a really hard idea for most of us to swallow... why would the Lord send an “evil” or “harmful” spirit? 

Before you answer, here’s a touch of Hebrew language insight.  “Evil” in Hebrew is translated and expressed in 2 ways: one meaning calamity or hardship (ra’ah) and the other meaning wickedness (rasha’).  The original writing includes ra’ah in this passage, so God sent a spirit of calamity on Saul.  We actually never see God and rasha’ together in the Bible true to His character of complete righteousness.

Now back to the question: why would the Lord send a spirit of calamity upon Saul?

Apply this to yourself, have you ever experienced the heavy hand of God in your life and a resulting calamity or struggle?  Why do you think He allows this in our lives?

God WILL go to extreme measures to draw our hearts back to Him.  I have experienced this personally several times in my own life.  He will not allow us to drown in our sin and choices without extreme measures to get our attention and restore our relationship with Him.  He loves us too much.  Like a parent sacrificing all to save their beloved child... He doesn’t cause the wickedness but rather allows real consequences of our sinful actions.  Romans 8:28 - God is working ALL things together for good.

Little David and Jonathan must be overwhelmed by Saul’s inner turmoil as it plays out on their lives.  This is how sin works.  Everyone is affected.

Finish by reading Psalm 11.  

David penned this song in the middle of these moments as he experienced the weight of someone else’s sin.  I think we’ve each been there.  I love the raw nature of David’s words.  

Spend sometime reading and praising the Lord for His Holy hand in our lives.  He is working in ways we can’t begin to comprehend. Tomorrow, we see David’s sweet new bride step into the fight!  






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