Psalms Day 2-1 When sin goes unchecked.

Today will seem like part 2 of a look at Saul’s issue, but we must examine the fullness of it to see the impact that Saul’s jealousy has on David’s life and so many others’ lives for years to come.  Honestly, this next section of reading is the scary reality of sin left unchecked in our own hearts.  It’s pretty heavy so be prepared.

Read 1 Samuel 18:17-30.

First of all, David gets a bride!  Michal (isn’t this the greatest name?!) adored David, and he seems smitten as well.  The bride-price is grusome and costly for (not 100 but 200!) men and their families.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m watching a movie and want to scream for David to watch his back!

So here’s our one question to ponder:

How have the actions of Saul (as a result of his jealousy) changed from the passage we read last time to today’s passage?  Stop, reread and think.

This is how sin works.  We can’t dabble and allow it in our hearts and keep it under control.  Satan uses sin to pull us further into a pit of destruction for everyone.  Don’t be fooled.  A secret sin left unchecked will wear away at the heart and mind and transform us into a vessel of hurt and destruction.

Its like the “second look” or taste principle you may be familiar with.  The first taste of the sin is often unexpected, and our response is fairly reactive in nature.  Saul threw the spear.  The second taste though... that’s a choice.  The actions are mediatative.  It’s a serious decision to walk with the enemy, and he doesn’t play.  Saul deliberately planned to use the people in his life as instruments in feeding his sin. 

Have you seen this in your own heart?  This is not the time to share about your friend’s issue. Will we make the choice to capture the thought and sin at the moment we have been convicted, or will we blow it off as no big deal? To walk with Christ is a choice.  It’s called the narrow road for a reason.  Wide enough for two... you and your Savior.  

If you’re ready to face the reality of your sin - take it captive, call it what it is, arm yourself with God’s truth, and fight.  Grab a dear sister in Christ and hold hands.  Don’t let the enemy win your heart over.  Stand firm with the One who is working ALL for good!!!

I promise we’ll actually dive into the Psalms tomorrow!  We have to remember, context is always so important in reading God’s Word.  Just wait until you see how it changes everything as you read David’s writings!  I can’t wait!!!

*The photo I’ve included is of Rembrandt’s depiction of Saul and David.

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