Psalms Day 1-5 The rotten root.

David sure seems to have it going on!  He’s the future king, the hero of God’s people, “ruddy & handsome”... apparently ruddy is a good thing! So why in the world are the Psalms full of David’s lamenting?  Well, we’re about read about another giant in David’s life, and he’ll battle this one for years.

Read 1 Samuel 18:1-16.

First, we meet sweet Jonathan.  He immediately loved David as his own soul.  We all long for a friend like this!  He even gave David his robe, armor, bow and belt as a symbol of his friendship and commitment to David.  Here’s plot twist #1.  Those gifts were of royalty. Yep, he was Saul’s son, and the gifts also symbolize that he recognized David as the up and coming king!  I think Jonathan needs some attention for this humble act of submission... but that’s not the point here!

Plot twist #2.  Saul was straight up jealous of David.  He couldn’t handle David getting the big praise while he only got a little. It was the rotten root of destruction that drove Saul for the rest of his life. It was this rotten root that led to hate, deception, anxiety, trickery, depression, exhaustion, family demise, killing, fear, illness, and an ugly death for Saul.

Sister (and I say this for you and for me), we cannot underestimate the destructive power of the rotten root of jealousy in our lives.  As I sit and try to deny it, my mind is flooded with the truth about how I have often let jealousy control my heart, mind, and actions. I haven’t physically thrown a spear at anyone, but I’ve aimed to destroy with my words, silent treatments, bitterness, and all the extras that go along with it... all because I’m jealous.

This is one I’m going to have to let soak in over a few days. It appears that we’re not only David, but we’re Saul in this story as well.  I’m praying that God continues uses His holy word as a light into our hearts and that we allow it to transform our lives for His glory!  He will help us pull this issue out by the root!

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