Psalms Day 1-3 What’s in it for me?

Little David.  The baby of the family.  He was overlooked and underestimated by everyone. And yet, here he is in the service of the king of God’s people and selected by God Himself to be the next king. What in the world?

Today, we begin to read a familiar story about David that allows us to see into his world and his heart. 

Read 1 Samuel 17:1-40.  It’s a cliffhanger. 

Although most of us know how this ends because of years in VBS, let’s forget that part and look instead at David’s heart. 

How was David received and viewed by his family and others?

What was David’s true motivation for stepping forward?

Your turn...

What do you feel called by the Lord to do?  What’s your true motivation for answering the call?

I’ve undoubtedly felt prompted by God throughout my life in the little things and the huge things. Consider the prompting to send a friend an encouraging text, to deliver a meal, to fill a needed position at church, to begin a new ministry... but WHY?  

David wanted to stand and fight for the name of the most high God, and he believed that God would bring him victory.  He also wanted to know what was in it for him!  He wasn’t perfect.  He was human.  He was a real guy!  It may be the first example, but it won’t be the last!

God chose David in his entirety.  Not just the perfect parts.  And we’re about to see him used in a HUGE way bringing glory to God!

Lord, thank you for choosing us as vessels to bring you glory despite who we are and are not. Help us to obey with pure hearts and to stand in confidence of who you are!  

We’ll finish the story tomorrow and read one of the first recorded Psalms of David written in response to this experience!  It’s great to have you reading with me!

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