Psalm Day 6-1 Blessed is the Man...

Welcome back!  Whether you worked through the first 5 weeks with us or this is your first day, I’m grateful to study with you!  We’re going to spend 3 weeks looking at the last part of David’s life and the corresponding Psalms he wrote throughout this time. Get ready!  There are some twists and turns up ahead, and David’s life gets pretty bumpy!

Start by reading 2 Samuel 9:1-13.

Who is Mephibosheth and why is this so ironic that David would have such a strong desire to bless and honor him considering who his grandpa was?

Back up to 2 Samuel 4:4 and read why Mephibosheth was crippled. The ripple effects of Saul’s sinful behavior caused tragedy in the lives of all who came after him.

How does this reality change your perspective of sin behavior in our own lives?  Is there a specific choice you’re currently making that you know is sinful?  THIS is the exact behavior that will lead to long lasting effects for both you and the people in your life.  I know... it’s hard to swallow.  I’ve been there too.  But, we can’t take it lightly.

What does this passage in 2 Samuel 9 reveal about David?  Dig deeper than just kindness.  What does it demonstrate about his level of respect for the Lord?

Let’s finish by reading one of my favorite passages... Psalm 1.

Although more than half of the book of Psalms is written by David, this one is not. The author is unknown, but it sets the tone for the importance of studying and dwelling in God’s Word.  The book of Psalms is a celebration of God’s Word and His faithfulness.

Compare and contrast a tree planted by a stream and chaff blowing in the wind. My husband calls this chaff a tumbleweed!  This is not hard to imagine considering temperatures here in Texas have been above 100 degrees for several days now. 

Which are you?

Ladies, if we are not rooted in God’s Word, we will simply be tumbling to and fro in the hot, dusty wind.  The chaff springs up quickly but whithers away at the slightest stress of weather. It snaps off, tumbles around, and crumbles into dust.  May we instead take delight in the Word of the Lord and choose to drink of it day and night.  May we yield godly fruit as we prosper despite the elements of the world. 

David has yielded much fruit throughout his early life, but we are about to see the results of a season in which he abandons the counsel of the Lord. You may say that David is about to tumble!  

Thanks for joining me on this journey!  See you tomorrow!

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