Psalm Day 5-4 When God Makes a Promise

Yesterday we celebrated America’s 242nd birthday!  I’m sure most of you participated in some form of hoopla whether it was a BBQ, a day off, or an online 4th of July sale.  It’s kind of a big deal around here!  Today, we get to read of the founding of the official kingdom of Israel under the reign of King David!

Read 2 Samuel 7:1-29.

How long ago did this exchange between God and David take place?  See if you can find out.

Does the nation of Israel still exist today?

Y’all, this kingdom has officially been around for about 3,000 years but goes way back to when Abraham walked the earth!!!  If you watch the news, you know Israel is hated by most of the world but is clearly under the hand of God’s protection.  God’s promises NEVER fail.  

Although Abraham and then David were considered the fathers of God’s chosen people, who now occupies this throne as the chosen king of all Kings and ruler of God’s kingdom?

Its all connected!  Jesus ultimately fulfilled God’s covenant as the perfect King for all time!  And God is also fulfilling His promises everyday through you and I!  WE are His kingdom here and now on earth and are the messengers to declare His truth and life.  We may not live in the literal boundaries of God’s chosen nation, but we are the extension of His promise to the entire earth!  Hallelujah!

Read Psalm 20 and celebrate with David the birth of life for all men and all time!!!


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