Ephesians Study Overview

Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re going to jump in and study Ephesians with us ( or that you’re considering it)!  Studying God’s Word NEVER returns void!  That means, if you commit to get into the Bible and ask Him to direct your understanding, He will speak to you!  You don’t need a “Beth” or a “Lysa” to understand God’s Word to you (although they’re just both fabulous)!!!   If you know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you’ve been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, and He is the one who will teach you God’s truth and applications for your life!  That’s HIS power in YOU!  So let’s go!!!

We’ll study 1 chapter of Ephesians each week. Do-able right?!?   I’ll post 5 sections each week for you to study. Each section will have a handful of verses to read and a few questions to answer. Honestly, some will be no-brainer kinda questions and some will be tough, don’t-wanna-write-it-down personal questions to grow on.  We need both kinds because head knowledge without heart change is meaningless. 

Another aspect of our study will be optional commenting.  This won’t be for teaching purposes but maybe just brief questions or thoughts or something special that God leads you to share with us.  It’s not required that you use the feature, but it will be there for you to use as a tool of encouragement.  

Tomorrow (Thursday), will be our first official day. It will be an intro day where we use an easy 5W method to get some insight about Ephesians. The more we understand about the context of the book, the more we can understand the writings themselves. It’s like painting a more complete picture!

So, get your Bible and a journal (and COFFEE) and join me in the morning as we dive in together to all that the Lord has for us!!!  I’ll post the section late the night before for all you EARLY birds!  

I’m so excited to learn more through this section of God’s incredible story of redemption!  See ya then! 💕Anne


  • Thanks for doing this. I’m trying to have a better work/life balance and this is a key part for me. I also am wanting fellowship (even if it’s via computer).
    So thank you again!

    Melinda Richmond
  • Always happy to dive into His Word. Sounds great!

    Barbara Simpson

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