Ephesians Intro Day

I’m so glad you’re coming along with me!  I think this will be a great place to start studying together!  Today is going to be a longer day as an intro to the book of Ephesians. We’ll have way more insight into God’s message to us once we look at the context of this letter.  We’ll pick back up Monday by diving into chapter 1, so you have a couple of days for the intro.

There are 3 parts to our intro.

Part 1 - The 5 Ws

Think back to grade school. You might have used this method before!  Use the intro at the beginning of Ephesians in your Bible (or google) to answer each of these Ws.

WHO wrote Ephesians?

WHAT kind of writing is it?

WHEN did he write it?

WHERE was he when he wrote it, and where were the recipients?

WHY did he write it?


Part 2 - More about Paul

Spoiler alert: Paul wrote it!  But before we pack it up today, it’s super important to know who Paul was.  Do some digging in Acts 8-9 and write a little bit about Paul (or is it Saul?!?).  He’s a man with a past to say the least!  If you already know about Paul’s troubled history, what part about it seems absolutely the worst to you?


Part 3 - And a little about you

We’re a lot more like Paul than we’d care to admit.   We probably haven’t killed anybody, but we all have some sin history that hurts to think about.  Some big.  Some small.  Some distant past. Some so fresh that the pain hasn’t faded yet.  But it’s there.  And there’s hope.  Paul is an example of the redemption available through Jesus.  And if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about him, he didn’t let guilt or shame stop him from walking forward and declaring the name of Jesus to all who would listen!  Oh, I’m sure it was there.  Satan probably worked hard to defeat Paul and remind him exactly who Saul was... but we are completely new in Christ.  Paul chose to walk in his newness. 

What part of your history is the hardest for you to get over?  

Is it keeping you from telling your experience of Jesus’ redemptive power?  Somebody needs to hear it and have hope! 

If you’ve repented of this sin struggle, spend some time asking the Lord to help you walk on in newness.  If you haven’t repented from the pit of your heart, it’s time.  Stop living in the bondage of self-hatred and secrets.  There’s freedom waiting.


Now get ready, because God has some big plans to use that EXACT part of your story for His glory!!!  See ya Monday for chapter 1 verse 1!  

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