Ephesians Day 6-4

Today is part 2 of the armor of God. I’m in no way a Biblical scholar. In fact, I’m quite ordinary in my life experiences of trying and failing at being a “good Christian”... since there’s no such thing!  The struggles have been real. And so has Jesus.  But some days, I don’t put on His full armor, and I feel the toll of war.  Let’s look at each piece that God is providing, and try to understand the importance of wearing it.

Read Ephesians 6:10-17.  A bit of repeat then straight into the armor.

1.  Belt of ___________ .   Whose truth is this referring to?  Why is it like a belt?  Think of the function of a belt.  And what happens when you don’t wear one when you need it???  

Truth holds us together. It binds and is central to all.  

2.  Breastplate of ____________.  What does the breastplate cover?  Why is it so amazing that God covers our heart with His righteousness?  Hallelujah!

3.  Shoes that are the _____________ ____ ___________.  Whether coming or going, how are we to represent Christ?  Why is peace referenced as the way in which we should walk?  

4.  Shield of ___________.  What does a shield do?  List a couple of “fiery darts” that you know the enemy has sent your way. Who do we place our faith in to protect and save us?  

Some days I need a HUGE shield to hide behind. And that’s okay!  God is bigger than anything coming our way. He is our refuge and our shield!  The One worthy of our faith!

5. Helmet of ______________.  Define salvation. Why do you think God covers our head with it? 

The lies of the enemy are fierce. We must KNOW in whom our salvation rests. That our hope is only in Jesus as THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life.  Protection from lies.

It strikes me as important that God uses Salvation and Righteousness to cover our two most vulnerable areas... the mind and the heart. Not coincidental here. 

6.  Sword of the _____________ which is the ____________ ___ _______.   Why is this our only weapon against the true enemy?  What weapon do you try to substitute for God’s Word?  

Like bringing a nerf pistol to nuclear war, we cannot stand and fight without the full protection and provision God provides!  We can’t think, reason, work, or run our way out of this. We must put on the full armor and stand. God will do the rest.

I want to add one last thought.  Paul says to “put on” the armor.  Its a choice and an action.  And it takes time... revealing a very effective “fiery dart” for some of us called busyness.  Girls, let’s suit up and fight. I’m over the lies and tactics of the enemy. He’s a loser, and it’s time for him to back off.  One more day of study. See you tomorrow!

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