Ephesians Day 6-3

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a battlefield as you prepare to take the first step into a mighty war.  You’ve studied and trained for this moment under the greatest King of all time.  He’s chosen you to represent Him in battle and lavished the wisdom of His strategy upon you. The King has even given you a glimpse into the future... He wins!  

The battle will be violent, long, and scary. The King has already assured you that it would not be easy and that you’ll want to quit at times. BUT He has equipped you with His power and strength, given you direct access to communicate freely with Him throughout the battle, and given you His own Spirit and armor!  And now you’re given the final instruction... “stand.”

How silly would it be if we acknowledge His gifts and went through all this training, but we felt we didn’t need His armor. Or maybe we’d put it on, but we don’t want to wear the helmet because it would mess up our hair.  And who needs a shield?  Arrows can’t hurt that bad... Crazy, right?!?  We need some truth here.  

Let’s read Ephesians 6:10-13.

1. Simple questions to start with.  Who is strengthening us for the battle?  Why does He give us armor?

2. Who are we battling against?  

It’s HUGELY important for me to remember who the struggle is against... not my neighbor, someone who has hurt me, or a family member.  

3.  Who do you often wrongly see as your enemy?

4.  What is the one true enemy accomplishing in your life when he gets you to focus on the wrong enemy?

5.  The questions are getting harder... what sin has resulted in your life from anger against people who you believe to be your enemy?  

I have plenty to confess here.  I’ve honestly dealt with some real anger even today towards someone who I believe hurt me.  It quickly spiraled into some really ugly emotions and, just like that, satan got his way in my heart.  It’s a real deal war.

6. SO, what do we do? How do we fight? How do we over come the enemy?  Read verse 13.  List the two instructions given.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m quick to start swinging to try to get even, and I might as well be throwing punches with my tiny fists at the wind.  It’s a completely foolish and ineffective strategy that would pretty much only yield a side cramp!  Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see?!?  Girls, we’re stepping into destruction if we think we can accomplish ANY of the fighting on our own.  Time to suit up.  The battle is raging, and the King is calling. 

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