Ephesians Day 6-2

It seems like Paul has covered most of the bases for our everyday living in his letter to the Ephesians. From instructions for our church family to our earthly families, he’s been thorough. There’s one last area of our daily life that he discusses in Ephesians... 

Read Ephesians 6:5-9.  

1.  Considering we don’t have “slaves and masters” in our current society, how does this apply to us?

2.  When we consider ourselves as slaves (workers), list all of the descriptors that tell how we are to work.

Verse 6 makes me laugh somewhat.  It reminds me so much my teenagers doing their chores... doing JUST enough to check off the task while I’m pressing them!  But I’m challenged to question if this is also me when I have a responsibility I don’t want to do.  Not so funny anymore.  Now I’m stepping on my own toes! (Try to picture THAT!) 

3.  When we consider ourselves as masters (authority figures), how we are to treat those who are under our authority?

4.  There are so many applications here extending to things like paying taxes or serving as a volunteer.  But I believe the most important part is not the “what” of the actions by rather the “why” behind our behavior.  Why do you think God would instruct us to honor one another in the work place or any place where there is a “master-slave” relationship?

Let’s end today by praying for someone who is in authority over us and someone else who is under our authority.  Consider the influence that your behavior has on them and the opportunity you have been given by God to specifically impact them with the hope of Christ.  Our earthly work is really Kingdom work, so let’s get busy working in a way that honors Jesus!

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