Ephesians Day 6-1

Our last chapter!  I have just loved studying Ephesians. I think I said it last week, but it’s so amazing how the Lord encourages us by inserting the exact lessons we are learning into other areas of our lives. I have heard so many references to Ephesians these past six weeks, including today in our church service!  I bet you have, too!  He continues to add layer upon layer to my understanding and love for His incredible Word!

Take some time to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for all that He’s done in your heart and mind through this study, then read 6:1-4.

1.  Who is addressed here, and what is the instruction?

2.  Read back to 5:31 and connect this to our current day’s passage. As adult children (especially if you are married), how do you think this command applies to you?

3.  Google the definition of honor.  Perhaps this will help us understand this command as adult children.  How well do you honor your parents?  Give an example of how you show honor AND an example of how you have failed to show honor recently.  

4.  Explain why following this command will cause life to “go well with you.” It’s kind of a unusual phrase but has direct implications to blessing following obedience of God’s commands.  

One thing’s for sure, we are called to treat one another with love and respect and to live peaceably.  Sometimes this is MOST dificult with your closest loved ones, but there are no exemptions.  By choosing to honor your parents (and submit to your husband - just a little throw back!) you are choosing to honor God... and vice versa.  I make it sound easy, don’t I?!?!  Actually, I forgot you were even there as I wrote!  I need to hear this, believe it deeply, and obey it!

5.  And now to fathers (parents...) What 2 instructions are given to us?  How can disregarding one, void our success in carrying out the other?  

One little sentence. A life time of work.  It’s a heavy responsibility to steward the gift of being entrusted by God with raising up other human beings up for the glory of their Creator!  When I think about it like that, I have mixed emotions of fear, regret, gratefulness, and joy - just to name the first 4 of my swirling thoughts. 

My last question for today is loaded.  How can we teach what we do not know, and how can we know what we do not study?  I have a feeling that any remaining negative emotions I have with my responsibilities would fade when I choose to fix my eyes on Jesus and His sacrifice for me instead of just on the commands themselves.  He’s offering the answers we seek and the strength we need to give love and grace to the very people God imprinted onto our hearts.   Keep seeking Him, sister!


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