Ephesians Day 5-2

Today we’re going to look at our lives as a metaphor. If you don’t remember back to high school English (I had to double check on this myself!), it’s when you say something is something else.  You know, to help us understand that thing more completely.  That’s about as far as my English skills run, so let’s get to the imagery here. 

Read Ephesians 5:6-14.

1. What is the metaphor used here?  Verse 8... you are __________.

2.  We’re going to looking at some characteristics of light to help understand why we’re said to be light.  

Using a lamp (look at the one you’re sitting next too):

-What’s it’s purpose?  

-How does it work?  What is the source of its power?  And on the flip side, what would cause it not to work?

3.  Now I’m thinking about the lamp us as believers in Christ:

-What’s our purpose as light?

-How do we function best as a light?  What is our source of power?  When does our light not shine?

4.  Light always has a source, a direction, and an effect.  Identify yours. 

I know this is a stretch for us non-Englishy types, but I’m hoping it reveals somethings to you and to me!  

I can be the most beautiful lamp on the Hobby Lobby shelf, but if I’m not connected to the source of power or if I’m missing the bulb (the heart of the lamp!), I’m missing my calling. Might as well just be another piece of decor catching dust.  If my light is placed in a closet, the rest of the world receives none of its benefit.  If my light is covered by a dark shade of shame, regret, or fear, it’s quite ineffective.  

Matthew 5:14-16 also speaks of light.  Maybe read it and meditate on what the Lord has to say about your light to you.  

5.  The last idea about light is a warning... light should not mix with ______________.  

Its not a calling to cut off relationships with non-Christians but rather to let light of Christ shine into the darkness.  Light and dark cannot both exist in our lives as believers.  It will be one or the other.  Complete opposites.

Darkness always tries to hide what does not want to be seen. Light always exposes truth.  It protects, warms, heals, and grows.  Just about the only thing growing in darkness is fungus.  Think about it!  

I’m praying for you as you plug into the true source of power through the Holy Spirit even now!  Go shine the light of Jesus into the darkness that surrounds and remember - light always wins!


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