Ephesians Day 5-3

When we had our boys years ago, there were books called “What to Expect When...”.  Fill in the blank with whatever season your child (really you!!) were in.  They were nicknamed the “Bible” of parenting.  Thing is, they were written by people who had great intentions and knowledge, but they hadn’t given birth to my child.  They didn’t even know him.  And they sure weren’t in the rocking chair with me at 3 am when he couldn’t be consoled or at lunch when he wouldn’t swallow the food I had just coaxed him into trying - despite all my attempts to follow their advice!  

What an amazing gift that the King of all creation, who made each of us personally with His own hands, has also written a letter to us guiding us through every moment of our lives.  And not only that, He sent His Son to cover our sins with grace because He knew we wouldn’t be perfect.  He doesn’t demand that.  If that weren’t enough, He has lavished His Holy Spirit on us to guide us through it all.  The Bible is written by our Father specifically for me and you.  

If only we would commit to studying it the way we study a $10 book written 2 decades ago by some random people who wanted to share their imperfect knowledge to make money.  I’m convicted, but God hasn’t given up on me - or you!  

Lets read Ephesians 5:15-21 together and fix our eyes on truth for our life.

1.  Why do we need to be careful how we live?

2.  Summarize what you have come to understand about the Lord’s will through your study of His Word.  

3.  Verse 18 gives a clear instruction about drunkenness.  What does it say and why?

4.  List the specific instructions given in verses 19-21 about our words, heart and actions.   

5.  Can we easily do this?  The answer is no. (No questioning that one!)  So HOW is the final question??? 

To me, the answer comes in the last 5 words of this section “in the fear of Christ.”  Not fear like afraid, but fear like we have such awe and reverence for our Savior that we can’t help but love Him, seek Him, believe Him, share Him, and serve Him.  Not perfectly (that’s exactly why He sacrificed all for us!), but with a heart that desires for Him to be highly lifted up by our humble, grateful hearts in all we say, think and do.  

We have a lifetime to try and fail and get back up again in God’s grace all the while praising Him for HIS perfection and love for us!  THE Author Himself is right there holding our hands for the single next step we face.  Amen!  


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