Ephesians Day 4-4

I think today’s section will appeal to a lot of us because it’s all about replacing the old with new!  I mean, who doesn’t love a new car, new home, new shoes, new pedicure,?!?  Oh yes! 

Lets take a look at Ephesians 4:17-24. 

1. Starting in verse 17, what is Paul implying when he says “you should no longer live”?  See if you can go back in Ephesians and find the section on remembering from where we’ve come.  What’s the truth here?

2.  I think I’ve found about 10 descriptors of the old (Gentile) way of living. List as many as you can find.  

3.  Switch gears to the second half of the passage and list the descriptors of the new way of living in Christ. 

4.  The first general idea that this makes me ponder is the “take off ~ put on”.  Thinking about the simple analogy of clothes, describe how this applies to our new life with Christ. 

I am thinking of things like:

-I want to take off the dirty stuff and not just cover it up. 

-New seasons means new clothes!  The Holy Spirit is always providing newness as I grow and change.

-I’m not a baby.  I have to decide to accept the Spirit’s gift and take action to change my clothes!

What can you come up with?  Try to connect it with the you daily walk with Christ Jesus.

5.  Lastly, let’s look at the old vs new process.  Words like hardened and calloused lead to our understanding of how old patterns of life silently creep in and become our ways.  What does this look like in your life?

I can clearly see the influences in my life that creep in and hold me captive in old ways... some music, social media, certain TV shows, old achievements.  I absolutely have to put on the Lord’s armor and stand in the newness.  This requires guarding of my heart and mind. It’s war. No doubt.  

What are your callous-makers???

In a totally opposite pattern, how does newness occur?  Who provides it?  Do we have to accept it?  


I know for me, it’s time to take off some old shoes I’ve been wearing for years.  They’re worn down, smelly, paint splattered, frayed and have no support for my daily walk.  And knowing myself, I’m gonna have to throw them away, so I won’t keep looking at them.  It’s hard to let go at first because the new definitely feels different. BUT once I’ve slipped into that new pair, it’s better than I could have imagined!  Fresh, clean, pure, peaceful, strong, undefiled, ready, beautiful.  

Mmmm.  I can smell the newness even now, and it’s sweet!  



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