Ephesians Day 4-5

Here we are at the end of chapter 4.  We’re ready to take our gifts, put on the new self, and walk forward into all that God has planned for us. But before we do, Paul offers a few more thoughts to help us along the way.

Read Ephesians 4:25-32.  

1.  Talk about a daunting to-do list!  List out all the commands given in this passage. 

2.  Put a check by the ones you’ve mastered and an “x” by the ones you struggle with.  

I SO failed this one!  I struggle with every single one!  I don’t physically steal, but I certainly want somebody else’s stuff sometimes.  I don’t use the “worst” words, but I can push the boundary on beneficial language.  There’s more, but I bet you’re right there with me!

Rememebr that this is written to believers.  We ALL have work to do.  This is not an excuse for sin, but a call to embrace our fallen state and our need for our Savior.

3.  Why would God place these commands before us?  Although it seems like an overwhelming list, what are the benefits for a life lived following these guidelines?  On the other hand, what does disobedience of these lead to?

Take wrath, for example.  The benefits might be peace with others, more opportunity in our job and ministry to bring God glory, less of a need for Pepto!...

The consequences of wrath?  Broken relationships, deep and lasting heartache and loneliness, major health issues...

God always wants what is best for us and for His glory.

4.  Choose one (just one!) of these commands to bring before the Lord.  Take a bit to confess your struggle and ask Him for help.  

If you really want to be bold, confess that to someone you trust and ask them to pray for you too!  That’s called accountability.  It’s scary and freeing all at the same time!  I also like to find a verse and write it on an index card for my mirror to remind me each day of God’s truth for my life.  

5.  Finally, rewrite verse 32 in your own words.  What is the biggest reason to be kind, compassionate and forgive others?  


Don’t beat yourself up if you feel defeated in these areas. Instead, thank the Lord that He just revealed truth to you!  He is working right now in your life!  This is where it gets personal, girls. Time to get alone, be still and visit with your Father in a real way.  He’s seeking after you and me because He loves us so much.  What a gift!  See you in chapter 5!


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