Ephesians Day 4-3

Today we’re going to continue looking at Ephesians 4:7-16 and some gifts from the Holy Spirit. If you didn’t quite get it figured out yesterday, the gifts here in Ephesians 4 are actually the roles in which we are called to serve the body of Christ.  In Romans 12, the gifts mentioned there are characteristics of believers.  Maybe that helps!  I did some reading up on it!  ;)

Reread this section and look back over your notes from yesterday as we prepare to personalize this passage.  

1.  We are all called to serve the church (the body of Christ) as believers. Which of these roles do you most feel that the Holy Spirit has called you to fill in the church?  This is a repeat question from yesterday but is really important.

If you don’t have a clue, pursue your questions!  There are lots of resources to help you discover your gifts including free online tests, books, wise Christian mentors in your life,... Most importantly, you have the Holy Spirit in your life if you are a believer. He gives AND reveals your gifts!  Seek His wisdom by praying and asking for it.  

One final note: these gifts are for followers of Christ.  Non-believers may possess strengths similar to these gifts, but the equipping of the Holy Spirit for His work is on an entirely different page!!!  You may need to back up and examine if you have ever received the first and greatest gift from God by accepting His Son Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Only then will any of the rest of this make sense or apply to you.  

2.  For the rest of today, we’re going to apply instructions given in this passage to the use of your gift.  Think of it as HOW to move forward effectively with what you’ve been given!  

a. How do you think your gift is used by God to equip the saints (other believers) for ministry?

b. Give a a few examples of ways your gift helps build up the body of Christ. 

c. Why is it essential that you are grounded in God’s truth as you share your gift?  (See verse 14)

d. Explain the necessity of sharing your gift in love with the body of Christ. On the flip side, what is the danger of sharing your gift and God’s truth without love?

e. How would the church function without your gift?  Describe possible scenarios. 


So that was one LONG question, but it challenges me to see the necessity of every gift the Spirit gives and the importance of how we share our gifts!

Two weeks ago, we had a car accident in our family that did some minor damage to our truck. It was still driveable and recognizable as a vehicle. It could carry people and stuff the same. It looked rough, but that was understandable considering what had just happened. BUT within the shell, there was some damage to the radiator. The coolant had all drained out.  Although everything else seemed fine, we couldn’t drive the truck very far without it overheating and self-destructing.  That massive machine was crippled without the cooling fluid to stabilize it.  

My point is that each and every one of us is critical to the “proper working” and “growth of the body”. You included.  And there’s a way that God has designed for our gifts to be used most effectively. If we had just poured coolant over the hood, it may have steamed and made a big show, but it would have just been a mask of the real need.  

I don’t know about you, but I feel so challenged to pursue the direction of the Holy Spirit in order to be a good steward of my calling!!!  What an incredible gift to be chosen and equipped to assist in the body of Christ.  We are incredibly special to our Savior!  

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