Ephesians Day 4-2

Today we’re diving into a huge topic that could be a 6 week study on its own... our 2 days will barely scratch the surface!  My hope is that you and I will get a good overview of spiritual gifting and that we will be sparked to each dig deeper on our own!

Go ahead and read Ephesians 4:7-16. We’ll spend both days on this same section. 

1.  Looking first at the general details of this section, who is it that gives us these gifts?  Why is it significant that He be the one giving the gifts?  (Compare this maybe to a CEO who speicifically puts His people where He knows they will do an amazing job...)

2.  Why does He give these gifts and capabilities to us as believers?

3.  Make a quick list of what they are.  Circle the one that you think you MIGHT be gifted as. Are you fulfilling your calling by sharing this gift in the body of Christ?  

4.  Read Romans 12:3-8.  These are also gifts from the Holy Spirit. How are these different from those listed in Ephesians 4?  How are they the same?

5.  Take some time to do a little personal reflection as we end today...

Imagine you chose an incredible gift for the most important person in your life.  You gave everything you had for it.  You planned the perfect time and place to give it to them.  Your heart was bursting with joy and love as you saw them catch their first glimpse of it!

But their response wasn’t what you had hoped for.  They politely gave you a smile and a formal thank you.  They told a few people about your gift that day, but then they went home and put it up on a shelf in their closet and forgot it was there. Heartbreaking, right?  

You probably know what I’m getting at. God gave us Jesus and filled us with a His Spirit who lavishes amazing gifts on us for ALL to enjoy. You have been given a role in the Everlasting Kingdom!  The King Himself gave it to you!  

If you aren’t sure what yours is, ask the Lord to reveal it to you.  He will!  He wants you to enjoy His amazing gifts everyday and use them as He has planned for in His Kingdom.  If you know yours but are now realizing it’s WAY back there on that shelf, it has no expiration date!  What joy it would bring to your King to see you embrace His gifts for you as you bless His people.   He’ll help you dust!  

Don’t you just love that about the Lord?  It’s never too late!   So let’s go, sister!  We have a Kingdom to serve! 


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