Ephesians Day 4-1

First day of the week here, and my to-do list is a bit daunting.  As I think over my week, it’s hard not to be distracted as I try to to be still and spend time in quietness and study with the Lord.  What’s interesting is that I can fly through the week and check every single item off my carefully planned list and completely miss my calling in Christ.  This passage we’re about to look at has me thinking about all of this.  Let’s stop and pray, confessing anything separating us from the Lord and simply seek His direction. 

Read Ephesians 4:1-6.

1.  Take a minute to look up the word prisoner. Why do you think Paul considers himself a prisoner of Christ?  

2.  Describe what your calling is.  What do you think it looks like to live a life worthy of that?

3.  Starting in verse 2, list at least 5 characteristics that we are commanded to display as Christ followers.

4.  What do you think is the ultimate outcome when we display these characteristics?  What does Paul outline as the goal we should strive for? 

5.  And now the application... Although we are not perfect and struggle at times to live a life reflecting these characteristics, this is what we’re instructed to do.  So, are you becoming more Christlike as your life moves on or is there honestly no change?  

It may be a hard realization to swallow, but this self-reflection may reveal some heart issues that run deep.  Journal a bit as you feel led.


We’re gonna end today with some stillness before the Lord.  Rather than pray through a list of requests, I challenge you to just confess your weakness and heart condition and just let the Lord minister to you.  If you’re serious about being used by Him, ask Him to teach you humility.  It’s the scariest thing ever to ask for, but it’s through humility and gentleness that God takes us from the little to-do lists we  obsess over and reveals instead a life calling that will truly change the world!  Now THAT’S a way to look forward to the week!!!  It’s going to be a great one!!!






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