Ephesians Day 3-5

Today marks the halfway point of our study, and Ephesians feels like it’s all around me!  I’m hearing references to it and these truths everyday!  It’s so cool how active God is in helping us grow and see His presence when we make Him the priority of our hearts.  (And our ridiculous daily schedules!)

Reread Ephesians 3:14-21 and pause to invite Jesus to transform your heart and your mind through His Word. 

1.  Paul prays for believers to have strength to know the indwelling, the power and the love of Christ. What are the 4 dimensions he uses?  You’ve probably heard these many times!


For the rest of today, I want to get personal with these.  Let’s not just blow over them lightly...

2.  Describe how you have seen the LENGTH of Christ’s love in your life. Be specific with time & details. 

I’ll give an example here just to get us going.  Jesus first spoke to my heart through my Mom and her boldness to stand for Christ in our home. I asked Him to be my savior at 5.  I began to understand relationship with him at 7 at camp. I struggled through preteen and teen life desiring to know Him, and He was faithful to strengthen me for all I faced even through failures. Jesus walked me through the blessings and sorrows of life through my 20s and 30s, and He literally rescued me from a pit of despair of my own doing when I was 43.  He now restores and prepares me for what’s ahead!  He does not give up on us.  

Lots of details in there that I left out, but He planned for me before I was born, walks me with everyday, and has great plans for my eternal home.  Your turn!

3.  Briefly share how WIDE Christ’s love has been for you. This is often described “as far as the east is from the west.”  No boundaries on how far he’ll go to rescue us and forgive us. 

4.  How HIGH has His love lifted you?  Tell about it - the joy and exuberance of knowing Him!!!

5.  How DEEP has His love gone with you?  Tell of it too!  This is grace.  Deep calls to deep. THIS is what will be relatable to a lost and hopeless world.  Not our best days... We’ve got to turn off the “Facebook filter” on our lives to reach people.  (I hope I’m listening!!!) 


May we allow His full love to soak in today.  The length.  The width.  The height.  The depth.  He wants all of us just as we are for His purpose. To Him be the glory forever!  Have a good weekend, and see you Monday for chapter 4.


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