Ephesians Day 3-4

We’re quickly wrapping up the first half of Ephesians!  I’m so thankful for you!  I keep praying that God will enlighten our hearts even more as we continue in our commitment to study His truth, and I know He will!  

Let’s wrap up chapter 3 by reading verses 14-21. We’ll read it all both days and look at it a couple different ways.

1.  Why does Paul go before God?  On who’s behalf?

2.  Examine your prayer life briefly, list the top 3 things/people you most often pray for.  

Honestly, most of my prayers are for me, me and (you guessed it!) me.  I’m missing the opportunity quite often to lift up the ones I’ve been called to minister to in my life through prayer on their behalf!  

3.  Name at least 3 things that Paul prays for for us as believers.  Which of these impacts you the most personally?

4. As incredible and inspirational as Paul must have been to these new believers, who does Paul ALWAYS go back to as the source of all strength, love and fullness?  That’s right!  NOT himself.

5.  Think of a person who you feel lead to encourage in their walk with Christ.  Do you spend more effort trying to strengthen them on your own or praying for them to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit? 


I’ve definitely been challenged here to focus less on myself, my strengths and my weaknesses and more on coming before THE One who can truly grant us power through His Spirit.  Not my will but yours be done!


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