Ephesians Day 3-3

As I study deeper into Ephesians, there are some very clear themes that are forming in my mind. Paul is such an amazing encouragement for believers to stand on the gospel truth revealed to us in the way he spoke with such great authority.  He must have really been a sight to see standing there facing the very people who he used to stand beside!  I love Paul!  BUT sometimes I wonder if I would have liked him very much if I had lived in his day. I can totally see myself judging him because of his past or envying him because of his dynamic personality.  Just being honest!  The Lord knew right where I needed to be in (His)story!

Let’s read today in Ephesians 3:10-13.

1.  How does Paul describe God’s wisdom in your translation?  List a few descriptors that come to your mind when you think of the wisdom of God. 

2.  How does Paul say that the wisdom will be made known... through what?  

So not only is Jesus the head of the church and  it’s cornerstone, but the church is the instrument through which God’s wisdom is made known. Girls, we must be plugged into the church body. 

3.  God has had a plan to redeem us since before time began in human standards. Exactly when and how was His plan fulfilled?

4.  And now verse 12... I LOVE it!  What two things do we have because of our faith? 

If you have a few extra minutes, look up these verses that further describe how we are equipped to share through the power of the Holy Spirit:

Acts 9:27-28, 13:46, 14:8, 18:26, 19:8, 26:26.

Think of Paul (who was Saul!) standing before men declaring the mighty work of the Jesus in his life!  No shame.  No excuses.  All glory to Jesus!

5.  In verse 13, Paul again takes eyes off of himself and his personal struggles in order to minister to these believers.  How easy is it for you to do this?  Do you find yourself wanting recognition for “suffering” for your faith?  


Although most of us don’t know real suffering due to our faith in Christ, our calling isn’t easy.  It most likely isn’t popular.  It can be challenging at times.  But it is a gift of grace to be an heir of Christ with complete access to our Holy Father and chosen as His messengers.  I pray for boldness as we arise and head into our mission field for this day.  All glory to Him!



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