Ephesians Day 3-2

I’ve had to sit a while and pray about our study for today. Part of me likes to move quickly through a chapter to not get behind, but today I’m just settled into 2 verses. Go ahead and read 3:8-9 and ask the Lord to be present with you. 

1. Starting in the beginning of verse 8, review a minute by recalling what grace Paul is referring to.

2.  Why would Paul call himself “the least of all the saints”?  What does this reveal about Paul’s heart?

3.  How do you view yourself in the “list of saints” - being as honest as you possibly can be?  

I don’t know if I would want anyone to see my honest answer.  So much of my life has been rooted in pride in the past... even in my “good works.”  It took being brought to my knees recently in order to expose me to the reality of who I am and who Christ is.  I pray that you too might see the depth of His grace and love for you BECAUSE of your struggles.  Humility truly leads to heart change.  

4.  Paul presses past his disclaimer as “the least” to focus on his mission, as we should as well. What is it?

5.  The challenge for today!!!  In 1 sentence, summarize your calling and mission like Paul did.  I’ll try it first...

God’s grace was given to me despite my deep sin and brokenness so that I might declare the hope of Christ to the hopeless world and to encourage other believers to walk and grow in Him. 

It’s my mission statement!  I may just have to write that down on a card and hang it up somewhere!  Or maybe even get that tattoo I’ve always considered... KIDDING!  (Or am I???) 

Have a beautiful day!!!  ;)





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