Ephesians Day 2-4

A new day!  I’m so grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to us and that His ways are so much higher than my own.  He’s always working things out beyond anything I can certainly come up with!  Today’s passage reminds me to press into Him and trust His wisdom and perfect way.

Lets read Ephesians 2:14-18.

1.  In light of past and current political & historical events, what is a common human effort used to create peace between 2 parties that just can’t seem to agree or be together?  How effective are our efforts to create peace?

2.  In verse 14, how does God create peace between the circumcised and uncircumcised people?  Who completed this plan for peace?

3.  Not only is there peace between people groups, but there is peace between us and ______.   What originally separated us?   

4.  Is there any current sin behavior that you haven’t been willing to confess to the Lord?  Although Jesus opened a pathway of complete forgiveness by His death and resurrection, sin can still cause brokenness in our relationship with the Father.  

Ask Him to reveal any dividing walls that you have built. Give them to Jesus and ask Him to remove them so that your relationship with Him can be restored.  He offers complete peace even right now.  

5.  Do you believe there is ANY people group that has been excluded from knowing Christ and receiving His salvation?  What do you think God’s Word shows here?

6.  Although we all come to the throne of God offering up what we personally believe to be the ticket to our righteousness (good works, church attendance, ministry, giving,...), verse 18 tells us the only way we have access to the Father.   WHO is this way? 

Peace isn’t possible through the actions of men.  You and I can’t find peace with others or with God on our own... even on a trophy day!   Ironically, Jesus tears down the walls we create to bring real peace.  He connects our brokenness with God’s righteousness making peace once and for all!  




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