Ephesians Day 2-3

Good morning!  Oh, the day of love!  Seems like a perfect time to reflect on the true love of our Savior to me!   Today also marks us 25% of the way through Ephesians already.  I hope you’re finding joy in the simplicity of slowing day and soaking in God’s Word on a personal, daily pace.  

Lets look at Ephesians 2:11-13 today. 

1.  Verse 11 starts with “Therefore” in one of my translations and “So then” in another. That means we’re to connect the previous passage with today’s.  My mind doesn’t remember dinner from last night, much less an entire passage of scripture, so let’s go back and reread a few verses before.  Why could the theme of verse 11 be “remember”?

2.  Although memories can be painful sometimes, why is Paul again reminding us to remember?

3.  Take a little time to compare the circumcised and uncircumcised people in Biblical times. I won’t explain this physical difference for you!  Google with your eyes closed if you need some help!  Really, we’re after who was in each each group, what was the spiritual significance of each group, and which group are we in?  

The physical process was part of this distinction too, but that (along with the law) was satisfied once and for all by Christ on the cross.  Grace is by faith alone and not by works.  Amen! 

I made two lists of details for each titled: Circumcised vs Uncircumcised.  

4.  Verse 12 looks at our past.  List 5 words or phrases that describe us before Christ. 

5.  Verse 13 looks at our present.  List at least a couple words or phrases to describe us now. 

6.  Last question!  Who is the only ONE, the only WAY, to draw near to God?  


That painful playground memory of rejection, that bitter reminder of a loved one’s betrayal, that stabbing pain of regret from choices that led to personal devastation... all “there for” us to remember where we once were and where we are now.   It’s the humbling foundation of our faith that prompts us go forth and declare that Jesus alone can save... that His alone is a perfect love. 

Let’s go forth and declare true love to the world that feels so unloved. We’ve been there. We’re not anymore.  Time to bring others along! 

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