Ephesians Day 2-2

Saved by grace... our wonderful, ending thought from yesterday!  I don’t know about you, but this alone is more than I deserve. And yet today, we’re looking at even more goodness that God lavishes on us in the awesome plans that He has for me and you!

When you’re ready, read Ephesians 2:6-10.  I love this section so much!

1.  What’s coming for us in the future as followers of Christ?   How do you feel about being allowed to sit with Jesus in the heavens?

2.  Verse 8 is one of my favorites!  What role does faith play in salvation?  What about works?

3.  Why do you think God chose to make salvation available only this way?  Hint!  Verse 9 has the answer!  

4. Landing in verse 10, we’re told why we’ve been created!  It’s the question the whole world wants to know.  So why have we?  Write it out or highlight it in your Bible.  

Have you ever felt less than important... like your life has no meaning or purpose???  I have!  Especially when I’ve been at a low place.  I draw inward and become critical of myself and my life.  But here, God’s truth tells me exactly why I was created!  When I choose to look into His Word of Life, I hear this truth.  When I choose to look inward at myself, I hear empty lies.  It’s that prediactable.  I have to fix my eyes on truth to walk in it.  It’s that critical for my fragile heart.

As we wrap up, I’m gonna challenge you to write verses 8-10 on a notecard and meditate on it for the rest of this week.  Maybe hang it on your mirror or set it in your car.  Get truth in front of your face so that when you start to hear those quiet lies, truth speaks loudly to your heart.  That’s our weapon for fighting the relentless enemy.  No time for those lies anymore!  We have been chosen by the King and have a job to do!  

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