Ephesians Day 2-1

Happy Monday!  We’re moving into chapter 2 of Paul’s letter to the believers of Ephesus and surrounding areas AND to us!  We’re part of the body of Christ mentioned in chapter 1, so let’s continue together into a beautiful section of truth and hope.  

Despite the natural busyness of a new week, take a few moments to remove any distractions and ask the Lord to calm your heart and mind and to meet with you.  When you’re ready, read Ephesians 2:1-5.

1. Who is Paul speaking to here?  Does this include you and me?  Notice the verb tenses here too. Past, present or future? 

2.  What do you think is the purpose behind verses 1-3?  Why would Paul bring up our troubled pasts when we so badly want to forget?

3.  Reflect on your story (the good, bad and too ugly to write down!), and the influence it has on you as you are called to be a messenger of the gospel.  List at least 3 words that express your heart toward unbelievers. 

Time out...

I will be as honest as possible here and say that one year ago, my heart words would have been something like: impatient, judgmental, critical, arrogant.  Today, my heart words are honestly more like: compassionate, heart-broken, urgent, hope-filled, gracious.  This change is an example of the mercy of God despite my calloused heart.  The Holy Spirit walked with me through a painful struggle in my life last year as I came face to face with my own hopelessness, brokenness and need for grace.  For this, I will never be the same and pray I’ll never forget from where I’ve come as I declare the hope of Jesus to the hopeless world.  

Time in... back to our passage! 

4.  What do you think that an unbelieving world needs to hear from us as believers in order to be open to the message we want to share with them?  How effective do you honestly think you are at humbly sharing with people?

5. Lastly, verses 4-5.  The GOOD NEWS!!!  We are not still dead. We have been made _________ with _________.  We are saved by ___________!  

You don’t see an exclamation mark very often written into the scriptures, but here it is!  

And there it is. The simple hope we can communicate to those we have the opportunity to influence each day.  We all need Jesus because we’re all messed up. But there’s hope for all of us through Him!  

Share the message of grace WITH great grace as you live out your Monday!  Much love. 

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